Elias and Tillie Horowitz Family
Selected Snapshots
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Brief History of Elias and Tillie Horowitz and Children
Tillie and Elias had 5 children; to your left is the family in June, 1963:
Ephie, Tillie, Si, Flo, Irv and Joe 
Everyone was married, Si to Gladys, Flo to Seymour, Ephie to Gloria, Irv to Ruth (not in photo); here, left-to-right are: Si, Flo, Irv, Gloria behind Ephie, Gladys behind Seymour, early 1960s 
Joe, Si, Irv, Flo and Ephie kneeling, August, 1975, Brockton, MA 
Cousins Ellen (parents Si, Gladys), Louise (parents Ephie, Gloria), Cecile at 16 (parents Irv, Ruth), June, 1963 

Below are miscellaneous photos

Joe, he lived in Virginia and was an air conditioner repairman, no children, possibly married
Joe with cigarette and tattoo, June 1963 
Joe and (possible) wife Rose, April, 1957 

Florence married Seymour, one child Martin
Flo graduates High School, 1937
Tille and Flo in Boston, 1940s 
Flo in Paris, 1949 
Flo in Paris, 1949 
Flo at Camp Nitgedaiget, Catskills, 1940s 
Flo and Seymour get married, Aug. 1954
Flo's wedding dress, Aug. 22, 1954
Flo on honeymoon, 1954 
Flo and Seymour, June, 1963 
Flo and Seymour (in tux), approx. 1964 
Florence Daks Short Movie shot on Feb. 29, 2008, in NYC
Florence and Seymour Daks Wedding August 1954;
plus later shots of Martin Daks;
As of 12/2015 it plays well in I.E. and Opera but fails in Chrome and Firefox. Good luck with your version.

Si, married Gladys and worked in her father's shoe store, children Ellen and Jonathan
Si and Gladys wedding, August 19, 1945 Gladys' parents: Samuel and Hanna Tattlebaum 
Tillie, Gladys and daughter Ellen, 1949